Terms & Conditions of Travel – Day Tours

Tickets are issued subject to the conditions below and your booking constitutes acceptance of these conditions

1.      General Conditions

  • All seats are fully reserved and must be booked and paid for in advance.
  • Bookings made by telephone will be acknowledged verbally at the time of the booking and an email confirmation will be sent. Bookings made by customers without an email address will be confirmed by post with a copy of our terms and conditions.
  • Payment for bookings made by credit or debit card will be taken in full using our secure payment gateway at the time of booking. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Westcountry Railtours’ and will be banked upon receipt. We are unable to accept bookings to be paid for by cheque less than 21 days prior to departure.
  • All Bookings will receive an email confirmation on confirmation of cleared payment, in the case of customers without an email address, this will be done in writing.
  • Any Juniors (under 16 years) must be accompanied by a responsible adult. In addition, we reserve the right to restrict the number of junior tickets available on our tours.
  • The company shall not incur any liability for delays, curtailments, alterations, mishaps or other events that may arise on the day of operation as a result of circumstances beyond our control. We will however make every effort to return customers to their joining station, possibly using an alternative method of transport.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure the advertised route, locomotives, coaching stock, timings and other details will be as published. We reserve the right to alter any tour details at any time due to circumstances outside of our control and as a consequence shall not incur any liability for any such alterations to anyone who has bought, or contracted to buy a boarding pass or passes.

2.      Refunds & Cancellations

  • Any change after a booking has been made and confirmed may attract an alteration fee of £15.
  • Should the customer choose to cancel their booked day trip, the following charges will apply;
    More than 43 days before travel – 25% fee
    31-42 days prior to the day of travel - 50% fee
    Within 31 days of travel - 100% fee
  • All cancellations must be made in writing either by email or post, to ensure no
    misunderstanding from either party.
  • All refunds will be made by credit voucher (valid for 12 months), which can be used as full or part payment for future excursions.
  • If an excursion is cancelled or postponed by Westcountry Railtours customers will be offered the option of either a transfer to the new date, or a credit voucher valid for 12 months, or a full refund of all monies paid, but no other liability shall be incurred.
  • Travel and cancellation insurance is highly recommended for full protection and peace of mind.
  • Different cancellation terms apply to tours of more than one day, details can be found on the relevant tour page.

3.      . Transfers

  • We will be pleased to accept requests to transfer existing bookings (subject to availability) onto similar trains of equal duration and cost, prior to 30 days before travel and an administration charge of £15 per person will be levied.
  • Any additional costs for the new reservation / tour would become payable at the time of the transfer.

4.      Discounts & Vouchers

  • Discounts and Vouchers may be redeemed via the website by entering the relevant code into the coupon code box on the booking form. Customers must ensure that any such vouchers or discounts have been confirmed and validated on the booking form before submitting their booking and may only be used against bookings made after the date of issue and cannot be retrospectively added to any previous bookings.
  • Any Discounts will be valid as defined by the Discount conditions and any redemption must be made by a booking being made prior to the expiry date, the trip date must made before the discount expiry date. In the event of customer cancellation, any discount will not be reinstated for future use. In the event of cancellation by Westcountry Railtours any discount or credit voucher issued as a form of compensation will be reinstated with an additional one year for use, all other discounts will be deemed null and void.
  • Any Vouchers will be valid for one year and any redemption must be made by a booking being made with a trip date before the discount expiry date and cannot be used for on-board purchases. In the event of customer cancellation, the charges in the cancellation / transfer conditions as stated above will apply. Vouchers are non-refundable. In the event of booking paid for by voucher being cancelled by Westcountry Railtours or the customer, the remaining value, after any charges, may only be transferred into a new voucher valid for one year. No responsibility will be accepted for lost, stolen or damaged vouchers.

5.      Timings

  • The departure and arrival times shown on our website or in any publication are ‘provisional’ being an approximation based on the best information available when the tour was first planned, however you should be aware that these can vary considerably when the confirmed timings are received from Network Rail and we are unable to offer a cancellation or transfer due to the confirmed timings being different to provisional ones previously advertised.
  • We endeavour to ensure that final timings are available approximately 7 days before the tour, but we rely on 3rd parties for this. It is your responsibility to check the confirmed information supplied and ensure you are at your boarding point in good time before the train departure. Refunds cannot be made if you fail to meet this requirement.
  • It is your responsibility to check any confirmed timings for any additional off train options. We cannot accept any liability for anyone who misses any coach or rail connection due to failing to report to the steward at the specified time and location.

6.      Seating

  • We cannot guarantee which way your seats will be facing, as we are unable to determine this is advance. In addition, the train usually reverses during the day. In addition, we cannot guarantee which side of the train your seats will be allocated.
  • In Premier Dining or First class, if two people are travelling together they will be sharing a table opposite two other guests, unless a guaranteed table for two supplement (limited availability) has been booked and confirmed.
  • With the exemption of those have booked Guaranteed table for two supplement, all seating will be arranged around a table for four. Except for bookings of four travelling together you may therefore be seated next to or opposite other guests.

7.      Tickets / Boarding Passes

  • Tickets / Boarding passes are usually issued approximately 7 days before the date of the tour, once confirmed timings have been received and not before.
  • Tickets and boarding passes must be shown at all times when requested by any member of staff or any train operating company.

8.      Locomotive Availability

  • Every effort will be made to run with the advertised locomotives (steam and Diesel), however during times of difficulty, such as high fire risks, locomotive failure / mechanical issues or restrictions imposed by Network Rail or other third parties, we reserve the right to substitute the locomotives as necessary. This includes substituting a steam locomotive for a diesel or electric one.
  • If it is necessary to substitute the advertised steam or diesel locomotive with an alternative, then no compensation shall be payable.
  • If it is necessary to substitute the advertised steam locomotive with a diesel then compensation shall be paid as follows, no other liability shall be incurred.a) Standard Class            £ 15.00 per person refund or £ 25 Credit Voucher
    b) First Class                     £ 20.00 per person refund or £ 30 Credit Voucher
    c) Premier Dining            £ 25.00 per person refund or £ 35.00 Credit Voucher
  • On steam hauled trips, a heritage diesel or electric engine may be included in the train in addition to the steam locomotive and at times be required to provide assistance; no compensation will be offered in this instance.

9.      Restrictions

  • Westcountry Railtours Ltd. reserves the right to refuse access to, or remove from the train, any person or persons who are using inappropriate behaviour or language, affecting the safety of the train and its passengers, spoiling the enjoyment of other passengers on the train, or failing to comply with any reasonable requests made by a member of the train’s staff, volunteers, Network Rail or any train operating Company. No refund would be available to such passengers whom would then be responsible for making their way back to their joining point by their own means and at their
  • In compliance with UK law and for the comfort and safety of everyone on our trains we operate a strict ‘No Smoking’ policy, including electronic cigarettes. This also includes all station platforms whether covered or uncovered.
  • Due to the relaxed nature of our tours and out of respect for other guests, we request that mobile phones should not be used in the passenger seating areas, but only if necessary, in the entrance vestibules
  • All luggage, cameras and personal effects are carried at your own risk and Westcountry Railtours Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or damage.
  • Pets (except guide dogs) or bicycles cannot be conveyed on our trains at any time.

10.  Complaints

  • Any issues arising during the excursion should be raised straight away with your carriage steward so that the matter can be rectified as soon as possible. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction a complaint form must be requested from your carriage steward and sent to the Booking Office within 14 days of the excursion date. Any such complaint must be submitted from the person who made the booking.

11.  Wheelchairs and Mobility

  • Due to the age of our carriages, we are unable to offer step free access to board our train. Passengers must be able to step up into the carriage from the platform and walk through the train to their allocated seat. Due to restricted access to seating areas and toilets it is not possible to use walking frames or wheelchairs on board the train. We are unable to convey pushchairs, buggies, motorised wheelchairs, or scooters at any time.
  • There is limited space on board to store wheelchairs and walking frames and therefore any such aids must be of the fold up type. Passengers or someone within their party must be held responsible to fold and make the mobility aid ready to be stored.
  • Passengers must advise us of any fold up wheelchairs or mobility aids to be stored on board at least 7 days prior to travel.
  • Some of the platforms on our tours can be shorter than our train and may require walking through several carriages to board or alight. Some platforms may also be lower than normal or only accessible via a footbridge, this should be taken into consideration when booking.
  • Passengers booked on optional excursions must be able to step up and board a road coach. In addition, some excursion venue’s may not be able to offer step free access and passengers may be required to walk up several steps.
  • In the event of any uncertainty, we would advise passengers to discuss their requirements with the Booking Office prior to booking to avoid disappointment.

12.  Dining on Board

  • We endeavour to ensure the delivery of the dining services for each class as listed in our publicity material and website, but these can sometimes be subject to final timings. Should we not be able to deliver the advertised service we will contact you in advance of your trip.
  • We shall endeavour to cater for dietary requirements when given prior notice at the time of booking or no less than 7 days in advance of the trip. We are unable to guarantee that our food will be totally free from allergens (such as nut, garlic or gluten).
  • We also ask kindly that passengers do not consume their own alcoholic drinks in Premier Dining Class.

13.  Dress Code

  • Whilst we do not have any dress code requirements on board the train, we would remind passengers that they should wear / bring appropriate clothing for the climate and weather conditions relevant to the excursion.

14.  COVID 19

  • Please rest assured we are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment on board whilst adhering to the latest Government regulations and guidance. We will contact all customers prior to your trip with further information.


Last updated: 11/01/2022